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Welcome to Middle School

Home of the Cavaliers! Here is a note from an expert!

Middle school is sort of a big deal. Things will be different (usually in a good way).

Blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard all this before. So why should you listen to me? Because I’ve lived it! As an 8th grader, I can give you tips and information to help make your move to Cascade much easier.

On this page you’ll find expert advice on how to:

  1. Go with the Flow
  2. Be Cool, Calm, and Organized
  3. Get  Off to a Good Start
  4. Navigate the Social Scene

Expert Advice #1 – Go with the Flow

People say that change is good. And that’s true. But change can also be scary. In middle school, you have new routines, new classes, new teachers—and there’s a lot more going on.

To help you figure out how to deal with these changes, and go with the flow, here is some expert advice from kids who have been there.

Expert Advice #2 – Be Cool, Calm, and Organized

My friends and I put together a list for you of the best organization tips ever!

If you do these things, we guarantee that you will get better grades, you will be less stressed. And you will have more time for things you really want to do—like hanging out with friends.

Expert Advice #3 – Get Off to a Good Start

We’ve talked about some of the big changes you face in middle school. Now let’s talk about the whole reason we’re in middle school to begin with— to learn! Middle school will probably be more challenging than elementary school (but more interesting). And your grades will be more important than ever.

I have this bad habit of slacking off at the beginning of the year. Then after a few weeks I get all stressed out because my grades are lousy and I’m behind.

This year I started off doing all my homework—and I am going to have some awesome grades this quarter.

Expert Advice #4 – Navigate the Social Scene

I’m not going to lie. The social scene in middle school can be crazy. To begin with, your class no longer rules the building—and it can be hard being the youngest grade in the school again. There is also more drama in middle school.

But the good news is—you’ll do fine with the whole social scene if you don’t take it to seriously and you make smart choices.

Friendships: We’ve already talked about the changes you’ll face in middle school. Along with everything else, people can change too. Some of your old friends may get a “too cool for you” attitude. Or you may find that you get along better with some of the new kids you meet.

Here’s some expert advice on making new friends and avoiding the drama.

  • Find friends who have the same interest as you do, and who like you for who you are.
  • Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and SNAPCHAT can be fun, but it can also cause hurt feelings: PAUSE BEFORE YOU POST.
  • Joining a group like a sports team, band, or club is a good way to meet new people— and make new friends.


And now a word from your counselor…

Throughout this page you’ve gotten tips and advice from students—and they have given you some excellent advice. But you know us adults, we always have to add our two cents.

So here are a few words of advice from a middle school counselor’s point of view.

  • We know that most new middle school students are concerned about finding their way, fitting in, and having friends, but…don’t forget about your classes. Getting off to a good start in your classes is really important.
  • If you have a question or problem, get help. If you’re having a problem in class, talk to your teacher. If you ever have a problem and don’t know who to talk to, see your counselor. Of course, if you have any concerns or problems, be sure to also let a parent know.
  • Middle school is a time to explore who you are. Be bold. Try new things— try a music class, try out for a team, join a club.

Middle school will be an exciting adventure for you. Follow the advice in this book, and you are sure to have a fun and successful year!

Cascade Cavaliers follow the 4 B’s

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
  • Be a Learner


Other Important Information

  • There is 4 minutes passing time between classes.
  • You will get your schedule at the 6th grade orientation in August, before school starts. You can also check Skyward Family Access once it is open for the year.
  • Wednesdays are early release days. The schedule will vary slightly on Wednesdays and school will get out at 1:20.